Custodian of Medical Records for Manhattan Primary Care

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Your health records from this Practice will be transferred to Morgan Records Management, LLC (“Records Custodian”).

Thank You

We would like to thank all of our patients and families for the opportunity of working with you, and wish you the best of health, happiness and success in the future..

- Manhattan Primary Care - Manhattan, KS

Notes For Patients

The Records Custodian will continue to maintain your records in accordance with applicable confidentiality and security standards and with other applicable laws. Your records will be destroyed no less than seven years after the last date of services you received from this Practice, although most records will be held for at least 10 years from the date of last service, depending upon applicable state and federal record retention requirements.

Kyle Platz, DO and Kerri Maxcy, PA-C joined CenterPointe Physicians.  If you were a patient of Michelle Oehm, you will be assigned to Kerri Maxcy’s panel at CenterPointe.

CenterPointe Physicians
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Phone: (785) 537-4940

Bradley K. Harrison, MD started Concierge Med Lounge


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Manhattan Primary Care
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Mail your statement and check to:
Manhattan Primary Care
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