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August 17, 2023

Dear Patients,

It has been an honor for Manhattan Primary Care to serve the Manhattan community over the last ten years. However, it is time for the physicians and providers to move to their next phase of practice.  Manhattan Primary Care will be closing November 30, 2023. Patients will be able to continue to receive primary care services at Manhattan Primary Care through November and can continue at the new locations listed below.

Bradley K. Harrison, MD will be starting Concierge Med Lounge (, a direct primary care clinic on December 1, 2023.

Kyle Platz, DO and Kerri Maxcy, PA-C are excited to join CenterPointe Physicians (2331 Tuttle Creek Blvd, Manhattan, KS 66502) ( on December 4, 2023.  We look forward to taking the same great care of you that you have come to expect from us. You will be receiving more information in the coming months regarding this move. Until December, please continue contacting our office for your medical needs.  If you are scheduled at Manhattan Primary Care after November 2023, we will call you to move your appointment to CenterPointe.

Michelle Oehm, APRN will continue to see her patients at Manhattan Primary Care until Thanksgiving.  She will work with University of Nebraska Neurology department starting in December 2023.  Kerri will welcome a majority of Michelle’s patients into her panel at CenterPointe.

After closing, your health records will be transferred to Morgan Records Management.  They will continue to maintain your records in accordance with applicable confidentiality and security standards and with other applicable laws.  Our website will stay active and have this information available to review.

If you wish to request medical records, please request them here.  After December 1st, 2023, you may submit a request to the Records Custodian:
Morgan Records Management: Medical Records
Online: > Patient Records Requests > Request My Medical Records
Phone: 833-888-0061

Please Note: – In accordance with applicable state law, you may be charged for the copying and transmittal of the records.  There may be a transition period from the time I close to the time Morgan Records Management has access to my charts.

Thank you for trusting us with your care, we look forward to continuing as your primary care physicians. We will be updating our website with frequently asked questions.

Sincerely,  Manhattan Primary Care





When is the last day of patient care at Manhattan Primary Care?
-Wednesday November 22, 2023 is the last day of scheduled patients.  We will move out of the office on Monday November 27, 2023.

If I want to move primary care with Dr Platz and Kerri Maxcy, should I call CenterPointe Physicians?
-Please do not call at this time.  Continue to call Manhattan Primary Care.  If you have a regularly scheduled appointment in December or later at Manhattan Primary Care, we will call you to move it to CenterPointe when scheduling is available.

Will my records be transferred to CenterPointe Physicians?
-We hope so.  We are working with our EHR (electronic health record) to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Will I need to fill out new patient paperwork at CenterPointe Physicians?
-Yes.  CenterPointe Physicians will need updated HIPAA, emergency release information, updated insurance cards scans, etc.

What is happening to Michelle Oehm’s patients?
-Michelle Oehm, APRN has been a great addition to Manhattan Primary Care and will continue to provide the excellent care that you are accustomed to until Thanksgiving.  We ask that you continue to schedule with Michelle and then Kerri will be welcoming the majority of patients onto her panel at CenterPointe in December 2023.

Will Dr Harrison be continuing as a primary care physician?
-Yes, Concierge Med Lounge is a direct primary care clinic.  His website will have information about direct primary care and practice details.   You are welcome to sign up on his website.

Are patients allowed to move from Dr. Harrison to Dr Platz or Kerri at Centerpointe Physicians?
-Yes.  We are keeping a list of patients who want to move.  Call the front desk of Manhattan Primary Care to add your name to the list.

Will Tricare-West be accpeted at CenterPointe?
-The plan is to enroll with Tricare-West and be active before our December start date at CenterPointe?  We hope the credentialing is finished prior to December 1, 2023.

I want to get care at Concierge Med Lounge, can I fill out a records request for Dr Harrison to transfer those records?
-Yes.  If you are following Dr Harrison please fill out a records release and that will be sent with him.