Common Wellness/Physical

Exam Questions

Is my Wellness/Physical covered by my insurance?
Most insurance plans that are approved by the Affordable Care Act cover a Wellness Visit/Physical Exam every 12 months.  These visits and labs are typically covered by insurance with no out-of-pocket cost for patients.  You can call your insurance plan and ask if wellness visits are covered with no out of pocket cost to you every twelve months.  Manhattan Primary Care will use the ICD-10 diagnosis code Z00.00.

Will labs be covered at no out-of-pocket expense?
You can check with your insurance carrier by asking: “Are the following lab tests covered at no out of pocket cost to me if billed with corresponding ICD – 10 code:  CBC (CPT Code 85025, ICD-10 Code Z13.0); Complete Metabolic Panel (CPT Code 80053, ICD-10 Code Z13.1), Lipid Panel (CPT Code 80061, ICD-10 Code Z13.220); and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) (CPT Code 84443, ICD-10 Code Z13.29)?”

What is included in a physical?
Physicals include a review of the entire history, review of wellness measures such as vaccines, colonoscopy, exercise, nutrition, weight management, and blood pressure check.  We will review STD testing, pap smears, breast exam, mammogram, birth control, and prostate screening as appropriate.

Where can I have my lab draw performed?
Choices for lab draws include Labcorp, Quest, Cotton O’Neil lab and Via Christi Hospital.

LabCorp: 1133 College Ave, Building E Suite 250, Manhattan, KS

Quest Diagnostics: 1419 Wesport Landing Place, Suite 107, Manhattan, KS

Via Christi Hospital: 1823 College Ave, Manhattan, KS.

When should I get my labs done?  
We recommend to get labs done at least 2 days prior to your physical so the results are back prior to your appointment.